Sweet Karma has transformed renowned appetisers/snacks, with vegan and vegetarian dessert fillings, including Belgian chocolate and world fruits and spices, creating a unique, high quality twist.

Infused with world class dessert tastes,
we produce a specialist hybrid dessert / warm snack range for the Foodservice world.
We have so many options, Apple Strudel rolls with cinnamon, Belgian dark chocolate parcels, warming pineapple & ginger or mango & passion fruit!

Our chocolate partner
Bramley Apple
&  Cinnamon

5  years in the market
2 Industry Commendations
1 UK Master Chocolatier Inspiration!

Hand made UNIQUE range
BRC accredited premises
Premium Belgian Chocolate, Fruit (& Vegan savoury) filling

We've transformed world renowned appetisers/snacks,  making the award winning dessert twist all our own.

Infused with world class dessert fillings, a unique delight for restaurants, casual dining, airport lounges, travel operators,  leisure, buffets, afternoon tea and banqueting.

New Artisan Savouries

Filo pastry parcels with Premium VEGAN savoury fillings

Although we've carved our reputation by innovating in the dessert snack menu, our new line of savouries springs from original recipes, designed to bring the very same

artisan and fresh taste appeal to the starter menu.   100% vegan fillings.

The highest quality dessert fillings, nine in all, provide for every taste, with three chocolate and six fruit fillings including new ones ! 
Thanks to the early mentoring from UK Master Chocolatier and GBBO Creme de la Creme winner, Mark Tilling, our chocolate fillings easily top our list, while our Apple Strudel parcel with cinnamon (right) won a Commendation from the Q Awards in 2013.

"As for the chocolate parcels in the evening..... ...WOW... people were raving about them!"

- Wedding Caterer's client 2015

It's a rich, crispy pastry twist on the chocolate fondant!

Exceptional fillings - Real fruit, spices &
the best Belgian chocolate

Only premium ingredients

Made for sharing, dipping or serving with ice cream

The great thing about Sweet Karma is there are loads of serving possibilities, from dessert with ice cream and fruit garnish to sweet snack with afternoon tea or coffee, to finger food with dipping sauces.

Savoury - Vegan, tasty original recipes

Taking simple, fresh vegetable ingredients and combining them with just the right amount of spice, we have taken the famous Saag Aloo spinach and potatoes and created a pastry which is Vegan and hearty.
Then with our butternut squash and red pepper, we combined these with the famous harissa for a noticeable kick to the palate, without the full heat of the chilli.

I C O N I C  S T R E E T  P A S T R I E S

And new Dark Chocolate Rolls
are here, ask us for details!



  1. 32g Spring rolls with tempting fruit fillings
  2. Apple Strudel with cinnamon
    High fruit content filling packed with Bramley apple chunks, with cinnamon spice to balance the sharpness of the apple.
  3. Pineapple & Ginger (SPECIAL ORDER)*
    A delicious pineapple filling with ginger providing a taste of exotic fruit
  4. Blueberry & Blackcurrant NEW
    The superfood and the super berry make a great combination
  5. Yuzu & Passion Fruit NEW
    The Yuzu - special Japanese citrus fruit here combined with passion fruit for a real zest!
  6. Dark Chocolate
    A triumph of our range, a premium dark chocolate filling, with nothing added
  1. 32g filo pastry parcels with premium Chocolate and fruit fillings
  2. Belgian Dark Chocolate Ganache
    Oozing Callebaut dark chocolate co-created by UK Master Chocolatier Mark Tilling, Bake-Off Creme de la Creme Winner 2016.
  3. Belgian Milk Chocolate, Cinnamon & Coconut
    Callebaut Belgian milk chocolate filling with cinnamon & coconut
  4. Apple Strudel with cinnamon
    Bramley apple chunks and cinnamon spice, Commended in 2013 Quality Food Awards
  5. Mango & Passion Fruit (SPECIAL ORDER)*
    Alphonso mangoes beautifully balanced with passion fruit in a fruit compote
  6. Raspberry, Rose & Apricot (SPECIAL ORDER)*
    The fresh taste of raspberry, with a hint of rose and apricot for a smooth texture


  1. 32g Spring rolls with tempting savoury fillings
  2. Butternut Squash, red pepper & harissa
    Beautiful blend of premium quality vegetables with Moroccan spice
  3. Saag Aloo
    A delicious spinach and potato filling with a hint of chilli

*  Special order denotes minimum order quantities of 12 cases or 2400 pastries

Please speak to us about bespoke development for larger orders

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                              S T O R Y

Mark Tilling
Mentor, UK Master Chocolatier 2006-10
& Bake Off Creme de
la Creme winner
 Neeta Mardia
 Sweet Karma
 Jon Handley
 Sweet Karma
From Chocolate making course to desserts producer . . . served from Chichester to Glasgow
via Heathrow!
It was 2010 when Sweet Karma founder Neeta Mardia  started to think about the Indian meal, (her favourite) and how it had continually failed to deliver a choice of decent desserts.  Especially with her sweet tooth, she felt the need to do something.  It seemed like Britain's favourite food had hit the buffers when it came to the very limited offerings on the dessert menu.  Traditional desserts are also very sweet and not attuned to the Western palate.

Neeta's idea was that the desserts needed to be modern, less sweet and have a twist which was more appealing.  By introducing the universally loved dessert fillings of Belgian chocolate and fruit with spice into the kind of iconic pastries which appear on countless menus, the concept was born.

It was when Neeta first attended a chocolate making course at Squire's Kichen , that the idea behind Sweet Karma began to really take shape. 
On the course, Neeta was lucky enough to be under the tutelage of the UK Master Chocolatier 2006-2010, and more lately, 2016 Bake Off Creme de la creme winner, Mark Tilling
Mark has become an invaluable mentor for Sweet Karma. With his knowledge and skills in the world of artisan chocolate, it's no wonder that one of our premium pastries, featuring Belgian dark chocolate ganache has become by far the best seller in the range, with it's quality Belgian chocolate Callebaut,
"I have known Neeta for many years and I've seen her go from strength to strength with Sweet Karma, a unique idea that looks amazing and also tastes great.  I look forward to working with her in the future."     says Mark.

The exclusive use of the best quality ingredients includes Callebaut Belgian chocolate, British Bramley apples and Alphonso mangoes.

The range has expanded to include spring rolls and new fillings.  Sweet Karma is to be found on the menus of high street restaurants, hotels and various hospitality venues in Central London and from Chichester to Glasgow, as well as in prestigious venues via corporate and event caterers.     

The range now extends to many serving occasions, including food-to-go, afternoon tea, banqueting and fine dining dessert/component


When you buy Sweet Karma desserts, you can be assured of the highest standards
of production and quality of ingredients.  See below for details:
  1. BRC / Halal
    Sweet Karma pastries are hand made in a BRC accredited premises (AA). The manufacturing site is also certified to HMC standards for Halal food preparation.
  2. Desserts Fillings (9)
    Dessert size (32g): Parcels only: Belgian dark chocolate ganache Belgian milk chocolate, coconut, and cinnamon Parcels and rolls: Apple strudel Mango & passion fruit* Raspberry, rose & apricot* Pineapple & ginger* Yuzu & passion fruit* Blueberry & blackcurrant* Dark chocolate (rolls only) Available in case of 10 x 20s (200)
  3. Pastry
    Each pastry is hand-made and sealed. We have used a thin, filo spring roll pastry, producing a light and crispy wrapper for a tasty dessert.
  4. Dessert Quality
    Each pastry is filled with wonderfully indulgent fillings using only carefully selected ingredients. Alphonso mangoes, Bramley apples and Callebaut Belgian chocolate, with spices, each filling is developed to the highest standards and flavour profiles.
  5. Serving
    Easy to serve For a stunning effect serve sprinkled with icing sugar, cocoa powder or cinnamon Caramelise for a golden sweet, crisp topping Serve with a quenelle of ice-cream, parfait or coulis Serve as a dessert or canapé Part of dessert trio Mini dessert with coffee Afternoon tea
  6. Cooking Methods
    Easy to prepare Uncooked frozen ready to deep fry or shallow fry. Oven cook from frozen in combi ovens such as Merrychef. Detailed cooking instructions on demand
  7. Allergen & Dietary
    Suitable for Vegetarian and Vegan diets: Suitable for Halal diet Fruit range suitable for Vegans Chocolate range suitable for Vegetarians Hand made in Halal certified premises Allergen Information The range contains wheat gluten. May contain traces of soya, nuts, mustard & milk. Chocolate fillings also contain soya and dairy.
  8. Delivery
    Delivered frozen, with a best before date of up to 18 months from manufacturing date. Available from stock as frozen catering packs 20s in cases of 200.
  9. Savoury Fillings (2)
    We use only the best vegetarian fillings comprising high quality ingredients and the recipes are developed in-house. Butternut squash, red pepper, harissa. Potato, spinach, onion, garlic and chilli.

                K A R M A

*Special order denotes minimum order quantities of 12 cases or 2,400 dessert pastries


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